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Rendang sapi

1 ½ pounds of beef
12 cups coconut milk from 3 coconuts
2 seed kandis acid
1 stalk lemongrass, crushed
1 sheet turmeric leaf
Two lime leaves
Salt to taste

1 ounce red chili
15 pieces red onion
6 cloves garlic
5 pieces of hazelnut
2 cm ginger
3 cm laos (which need not be crushed, just in keprak only)

~ Meat dipotong2 according to taste.
~ In a frying pan: boil coconut milk with spices are blended plus leaves and kandis acid.
~ Stir continuously until thickened for santannya not broken. When it started out oil inputs pieces of meat
~ Stir again and cook on medium heat. If you want to reduce the heat discolored. (In)

- A little extra for the recipes they will be (so much better, be on test):
* 1kg of meat, coconut milk 3 eggs made thick, so if 1.5 kg should be 5 coconuts.
* Plus 3 bay leaves, also to be added 2 stalks lemon grass, lime leaves added into 4 pieces
* Plus 2 tablespoons toasted coconut shavings that have been finely ground (to get out of oil)
* A little sugar, if liked
* If you want to feel more full of spices, chilli, garlic & red may be added again
* To be more pervasive marinade, you should first diungkep meat along with all the spices & leaves, dried meat after a new water input coconut milk, stirring continuously until boiling. Reduce the heat and cook until bermiyak (black) with occasional stirring to prevent sticking and uneven ripening. (Dew)

- Incidentally if you make rendang I also put a little sour kandis, but not a sour taste at all really (times less the same sense of seasoning and coconut milk), because most acidic kandisnya 2 or 3 seeds. They say hell, acid can also function as a natural preservative? (Ko is not it). (An)

- Sometimes there are people who say what if cooked rendang can not black like rendangnya Minang people. My mother said, so rendang can be black, the keys do not use turmeric. If you use saffron, let cook over low heat too long, rendang still looks red (as kalio).

- In order dedaknya much, also have a lot of coconut milk. Squeeze the coconut milk for the rendang, the first juice should not be added dulu.Peras coconut water with a cloth / napkin particular, so that the starch out.

- My family recipe, the main measure:
1 kg of meat, 4 coconuts (if in Batam = 2kg), 1 ounce chili grind. The size of cuts of meat fit for rendang, 1 kg = 25-30 pieces, cut to the fiber so as not to quickly destroyed when cooked.

- If you type the faster the meat tender, do not be too quick inclusion, simply in the mix with herbs to seep in advance and aged k / l 1 / 2 hour, just enter after the coconut milk that has been dijerang out the oil.

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